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Think about this while sipping your Costa or Starbucks coffee and searching that must visit hotel online…

People are constantly asking me why travel agents still exist in the age of internet and I have one simple answer:


Coffee, like travel, is deluged with a number of options.

You can make it yourself at home and it’s fairly cheap. You know exactly what is going into it, how much it cost you and if it tastes like shit, you’ve only got yourself to blame. You are not a coffee expert but it does save you a bit of money.

However coffee shops, like travel agencies, exist. You are quite prepared to pay for someone else to do something that you are perfectly capable of doing yourself at home. Prices vary from store to store depending on who is making it, what size you buy, how many people are having coffee and how much the store decides their time and resources are worth.

It is essentially the same product as you make at home but you are paying for someone to froth the milk, brew the coffee, wash the cups, make the cake that you decide to add on to your coffee order and clean up after you. If you want to tailor your cup of coffee to your precise tastes, you are paying for someone to do that for you, and if it tastes like shit, you can take it back and get them to fix it. You are prepared to pay that little bit more to have someone else do the work for you and ensure you have the exact coffee you were after.

Why do you go to a coffee shop rather than making it yourself at home every time? Maybe you like the way a certain coffee shop makes your coffee. Maybe you like the atmosphere of the coffee shop. Maybe it’s more convenient than fiddling around with a coffee machine at home. Maybe your coffee shop has introduced you to a new blend or a syrup that you hadn’t tried before. Maybe they have access to some really great cakes.

Do you argue that Starbucks is cheaper than Nero? Or that Muffin Break give you a cheaper cup of coffee with a muffin purchase that Costa doesn’t? No, you just buy it because you like it.

Travel agencies are the coffee shops of the holiday industry. Of course they won’t always be the cheapest, doing it yourself at home is always an option. But you are paying for someone to listen, guide, research, book and negotiate your holiday so that you get exactly what you were after. Isn’t that worth paying a little bit more for?

India will tempt you with its ancient and diverse cultures, exotic dress, amazing scenery and outstanding cuisine. Stunning historical buildings and ancient architecture abound, along with the warmth and traditional hospitality of its people. It is a land of variety that would take you more than a lifetime to explore and discover! Every moment spent in this incredible country promises a stimulating cultural experience which will stay with you forever.

Wow! Incredible price for Incredible India!

Classic Rajasthan Tour

15-night Tour

From: £2550 per person

Departing 2 February 2020

An expansive 15-night tour, where you will visit all the ‘Golden Triangle’ plus many more fascinating areas. Exploring Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Udaipur will allow you to experience many other facets of magical India.

✈ Airport: London airports

✈ Airline: Emirates

Other departure dates, airports and airlines available. Standard deposit £300pp


✳ Flights and taxes

✳ All transfers, sightseeing and excursions

✳ Services of knowledgeable English-speaking guide

✳ Delhi: Sightseeing of Old and New Delhi

✳ Agra: Visit the majestic Taj Mahal and Agra Fort

✳ Jaipur: Visit Amber Fort, City Palace

✳ Udaipur: Visit City Palace, Sahelion Ke Bagh, boat ride on Lake Pichola

✳ Various sightseeing in the other cities

✳ Bed and Breakfast throughout

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