Budget News

GOOD NEWS – George Osborne has announced changes to Air Passenger Duty in today’s budget.

Speaking in the House of Commons as he delivers the Budget 2014, the Chancellor said: ‘From next year, all long haul flights will carry the same, lower, band B tax rate that you now pay to fly to the United States.’

The change represents a major victory for the travel industry, which has long campaigned over the expense of the tax.

The Caribbean has been particularly vocal about the unfair nature of the tax too, as people flying to the islands have been forced to pay more than those flying to the US’s west cost as tax is calculated according to where each destination’s capital is based as opposed to the actual length of the flight.

Now, following the change, the move has been warmly welcomed by Caribbean Tourism Organisation director of marketing UK and Europe Carol Hay.

She said: ‘We have heard the news and we are very excited and pleased that the work that the Caribbean government has put into lobbying for a number of years has finally borne fruit.

Of course we’ve got to wait for the fine detail but it is good news.’

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