California sunshine!

A client recently returned from a memorable in California and this is what he had to say –
“We wanted to have a special holiday to celebrate my retirement and California was somewhere we always hoped to visit. We decided to try to add in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon since the distances involved were not too great and we asked Lucy to plan an itinerary. The trip covered everywhere we wanted to see, starting in San Francisco and taking in Yosemite National Park before heading back to the coast and then following Route 1 from Monterey down to Los Angeles. The excellent itinerary allowed us to see all the famous sights from the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz to Hearst Castle and Hollywood before heading off to Las Vegas. But the best was saved until last with the sheer breathtaking scale and grandeur of the Grand Canyon, especially when seen from the helicopter trip we had booked in advance. A stunning end to a memorable holiday.”